Partially counteracting climate change in the short- to medium-term: options globally and for Switzerland
Analysis by Anthony Patt and Jean-Pierre Wolf conducted on behalf of the SSC Secretariat
SSC Secretariat Working Paper 2/2023
December 2023

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Terminological and strategical analysis of the concept of research infrastructure
SSC Secretariat Working Paper 1/2023
August 2023

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The Constellation of Actors in the Swiss Higher Education, Research and Innovation Sector
SSIC Secretariat Working Paper 5/2015
January 2016

Download (PDF, 360 KB): report in German

An Inventory of Swiss Innovation Policies

An analysis of national, cantonal, and select city funding initiatives
SSIC Secretariat Working Paper 4/2015
December 2015

Download (PDF, 920 KB): report in German

Measuring Innovation

A Discussion of Innovation Indicators at the National Level
SSIC Secretariat Working Paper 3/2015
July 2015

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Swiss tertiary-level education: current situation and trends

SSIC Secretariat Working Paper 2/2015
June 2015

Download (PDF, 404 KB) report in French

Biomedical research in Switzerland: current situation

Survey conducted by advocacy Ltd. (Zurich/Basel) on behalf of the Secretariat SSIC
SSIC Secretariat Working Paper 1/2015
June 2015

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Continuing higher education in a heterogeneous context

Report on behalf of the SSIC Secretariat
SSIC Secretariat Working Paper 3/2014
December 2014

Download (PDF, 243 KB): report in German

Professional Education and Training in Switzerland

Expert report
SSIC Secretariat Working Paper 2/2014
December 2014

Download (PDF, 616 KB): report in German

A Broad Understanding of Innovation and Its Importance for Innovation Policy
Rationale, Measurement, Implementation
SSIC Secretariat Working Paper 1/2014
December 2014

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